Push/Walk-Behind Mower Service
Stucky Services
735 E D Ave
Kingman, KS

Service Description

Service Description

$75.00 Labor + Price of Parts

·Change engine oil & filter

·Change spark plug

·Change air filter(s)

·Change fuel filter

·Change/sharpen blade(s)

·Grease all zerk fittings

·Lubricate cables

·Lubricate transmission

·Winterize fuel system (fall/winter services)

·Inspect the following and notify customer if attention is needed:

-Belt(s), Pulley(s) & Spring(s)


-Starter rope

-Battery (if applicable)

-Transmission (gear case, belts, pulleys, bearings, etc.)

-Fuel system (carburetor, pump, hoses)

-Clean engine cooling fins

-Adjust engine valves